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Gary Johnson to College Crowds: Waste your vote on me!

I recently caught up with Gov. Johnson once again, who is in the midst of a forty campus college tour. He is hitting up twenty campuses, with Vice Presidential nominee Judge Jim Gray visiting the other twenty. Gary wants you to “waste” your vote, and more specifically, on him. Check out my interview at the Independent Voter Network:

Craig Schlesinger: What are your impressions of the college tour thus far in terms of turnout, enthusiasm, and what kind of encouragement it gives you heading into the general election and for the future of the liberty movement?

Gary Johnson: The turnouts have been terrific. The enthusiasm, I don’t know how it could be any higher. So all the way across the board, thumbs up! It’s very heartening to be a part of this liberty and freedom movement. It’s growing, it’s not turning back, and all for the good.

Craig Schlesinger: What are the most frequently asked questions or concerns that are consistent from campus to campus?

Gary Johnson: Just that I’m not getting my fair shake, which is pointing out the obvious. “What can be done to increase that, what can we do to ensure you have a seat at the table?” [Laughs] Those are good issues to have out there because it shows the frustration that I think all of us have, and in the same breath– wow, this is getting noticed! So it’s all good. There’s still time, we’re still five weeks out, and anything can happen.

Craig Schlesinger: From your vantage point, what policy issues consistently draw the largest and loudest crowd reactions? Is it civil liberties, economic policy, domestic policy, foreign policy, or a mixed bag?

Gary Johnson: What I think is consistent, and this is just from my viewpoint, is it’s every single one of these issues, and when you lump it all together it’s pretty profound! I think that kids recognize it and if I could sum up an overall reaction, “Holy cow! I agree with everything you have to say!” I’ve never had that happen before! It’s just very heartening.

Read the entire thing here.

Image via Gary Johnson 2012

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  1. October 6, 2012 at 8:20 am | #1

    I just started a podcast here in Nashville. It is still in it’s infancy but I am hoping to grow it. I would love to have a well thought out guy like your self on the show. Please come to help me understand things better.

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