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Gary Johnson on Radar vs Wolf

February 12, 2014 1 comment

So yeah, this just happened on the Twitter:

…I play bass and sing background vocals in RvW.

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Gary Johnson Responds to SOTU

gary-johnson-19885Gov. Johnson released the following statement last night via Our America Initiative after President Obama’s State of the Union address:

What we didn’t hear tonight was a President telling the truth about the real state of the Union: that we are broke — and that he and the Congress are succeeding only in digging us deeper into a financial hole that is, in reality, the single greatest threat to the nation’s well-being.

Rather, we once again heard the tired argument that the challenges we face can somehow best be met by more government that costs more and taxes more. We’ve tried that. In fact, we’ve tried it so hard and so long that we have a debt totaling more than $90,000 for every worker in America.

And while he spent an hour laying out a mind-boggling list of things the government should do, from ‘investing’ in infrastructure, technology and energy to helping parents pick the best college for their kids, he assured us his plans will not increase the deficit by ‘a single dime’.

That is absurd on its face, and could only be based on the same arithmetic that has given us a $16 Trillion debt.

Once again, we witnessed a great political performance wrapped around promises that shouldn’t be made in the first place, and that we certainly cannot afford to keep.

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Gary Johnson: Less freedom doesn’t make anyone safer

OAIGary Johnson is out of campaign mode and back to educate and advocate mode as he resumes his Honorary Chairmanship of the Our America Initiative:

Why is it that Government almost always responds to a crisis or tragedy by attacking the rights and privacy of law-abiding citizens?  

After 9/11, we got the Patriot Act, which put into motion one of the most unpatriotic attacks on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and individual liberty in our lifetimes.  Everything from our phones to our emails to even our library cards and bank accounts became the government’s “business”.  Under this continuing attack, the NDAA and other laws have taken us to a point where citizens can be detained indefinitely and, in fact, assassinated in the name of protecting us.

Now, in the aftermath of Newtown and other recent tragic and senseless crimes, Obama and his friends in Congress are reacting by — you guessed it — doing two basic things:  First, they are rolling out Executive Orders and legislation to further chip away at a Second Amendment that even the Supreme Court has ruled grants us individual rights to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves.  And second, they are clamoring for deeper and broader background checks and looking for ways to get more information about our “mental health”.  

In short, their solution is more government, less freedom for us, and more of our information going into massive government databases.  Somebody has to say: STOP.

Somebody has to speak the truth and stand up for the fact that, even in the wake of despicable criminal acts, less freedom for us and more power for government does NOT MAKE ANYONE IN AMERICA SAFER.  

Speaking these truths — and mobilizing Americans who don’t want to let an ever-growing government take away more of their freedoms — is the entire idea behind the Our America Initiative, of which I am the Honorary Chairman.

Today, it is the Second Amendment and our privacy.  Tomorrow, it will be greater government control of the Internet.  And in the weeks ahead, it will be critical decisions about the debt ceiling and whether Washington will finally have the guts to cut spending and face the reality of an unsustainable $16 Trillion debt.  

My intent as the Honorary Chairman is to help the Our America Initiative defend our liberty and our economic freedom from the nonstop attacks by the government.

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Gary Johnson on Obama’s 2nd Amendment Assault

January 21, 2013 4 comments

gary-johnson-19885Last week Gary Johnson sounded off against the President’s attempts to circumvent the 2nd Amendment via executive order:

In the wake of the attacks on America on 9/11/2001, the federal government’s response was, in part, the greatest assault on individual liberties and privacy on a generation. The result was the Patriot Act, unprecedented monitoring of our personal lives, indefinite detentions and the compilation of government databases that threaten our freedom in truly disturbing ways.

Now, in the wake of Newtown and other tragic criminal acts, President Obama is again reacting by trying to make government bigger and freedom smaller. Issuing a raft of Executive Orders, attempting to legislate around the 2nd Amendment, and proposing new and more intrusive ways to track us in our daily lives will not make us — or our kids — safer. It will only make us less free.

Restricting the rights of free and law-abiding Americans is not a solution to anything, and only makes government and its force more powerful.

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Gary Johnson on When Government Tries To Fix Things

January 10, 2013 2 comments

Gary Johnson BHL ShirtThe former two-term New Mexico Governor and 2012 libertarian presidential candidate is back at it after a post-election holiday hiatus:

Less than two weeks ago, we saw the politicians in Washington “fix” the so-called Fiscal Cliff with, you guessed it, tax increases and NO spending cuts.  To no one’s surprise, they did NOTHING to reduce our $16 Trillion (and growing) debt.

On the Friday before Christmas, when they thought no one would be watching, the Obama Administration published a legally-required report outlining its proposed regulations.  While  lawyers and businesses are still wading through the tens of thousands of pages, one analysis has already pegged the cost burden of those new regulations at more than $123 Billion — and the time required to deal with new government paperwork at 13 million hours.

Government spends and costs too much because it simply DOES too much — way too much!

And now, we are seeing and hearing all kinds of disturbing reports from the politicians about how they are going to “fix” gun violence by taking away more of our freedoms and, yes, creating databases to keep track of our “mental health”.  No one disagrees: Violence and murder, in schools or anywhere else, are tragic and gut-wrenching, and should be dealt with firmly by civilized society.

But, as is always the case, Washington’s solution is to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens — in this case, our 2nd Amendment rights.  And now, they are even talking about making firearm ownership dependent on some government judgement about an individual’s “sanity”.

I don’t know about you, but having the government decide if I’m sane or not, and having my rights depend on some label they put on me, is a heck of a lot more dangerous to America than is gun ownership.

I could go on and on, but the picture is clear.  Only 10 days into the New Year, those of us who regard liberty as a fundamental underpinning of America can already see the threats and battles ahead.

In a few short weeks, Congress and Obama will somehow deal with the fact that we have once again reached the limit on the federal credit card.  By the end of the month, the President will roll out his plan to attack our 2nd Amendment rights.  Similar battles over privacy, Internet freedom and government surveillance are looming.

And in the midst of all this, decisions are about to be made about how soon — or not — we will bring our troops home from Afghanistan, and how many will be left behind to try to control a country that clearly doesn’t want to be controlled.

The election is over, but the battles are not.  I’m in this fight for the long haul, and I want you with me as we challenge the status quo, as we continue to build a grassroots organization that CANNOT BE IGNORED by the politicians, and as we mobilize the millions of Americans who want the government to just STOP trying to fix us.

Gov. Johnson is re-resuming his role as Honorary Chairman of the Our America Initiative and will soon be hitting college campuses (and more) across the country to continually spread the message of liberty, freedom, limited government, fiscal restraint, civil liberties, and personal responsibility.

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Outkast’s Big Boi: “Bitch I Voted for Gary Johnson”

Gary JohnsonThe hat tip on this gem goes to Reason’s Ed Krayewski:

The setup: New York City’s Hot 97 has a segment called “Everyday Racism” where different guests recount an experience of racism in their every day lives. The rapper Big Boi (one half of the Outkast duo) was on the show last month, and explained how a white woman came up to him at the airport the day after the election and said “congratulations on your win last night,” to which the rapper responded “bitch I voted for Gary Johnson.”

Spatial Orientation on Gary Johnson here

UPDATE: Big Boi appeared on HuffPost Live on Jan 11 and confirmed that he did indeed vote for Gary Johnson after saying he “could neither confirm nor deny it” on NYC’s Hot 97 segment above.

Gary Johnson on That Sound You Hear…

Gary Johnson Excluded From Latest CNN PollThe following is via email, received from Gary Johnson this afternoon:

Since the election, I’ve been able to spend some time at home in New Mexico, recharge my batteries a bit, and most important, watch what’s going on in Washington, DC – which is really nothing good.

The news is filled with stories about the “looming fiscal cliff”.  Of course, in Washington, their definition of a “cliff” is that government spending will be cut next year by slightly more than $100 billion – IF Congress and the President don’t come to an agreement to cut spending by LESS than that. With a $16 trillion debt and trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, only in Washington would cutting $100 billion be viewed as an impending disaster.

The real disaster – the real “fiscal cliff” – is the one we face if spending ISN’T cut by far more than $100 billion.  There are talking heads on TV saying, with a straight face, that cutting spending by a few small percentage points will devastate the economy. Where were those talking heads when the Democrats and Republicans were conspiring to run up an unsustainable $16 TRILLION national debt.  Who is pointing out the obvious:  That ridiculous levels of spending have already devastated the economy – and that the so-called fiscal cliff is a pothole compared to the real cliff that our Thelma and Louise government is driving us over.

And of course,  the “deals” on the table to prevent those $100 billion in cuts, along with $400 billion in tax increases, look very familiar:  Raise the taxes, and promise to cut the spending.  Sure, the Republicans and Democrats are arguing – at least for the cameras – over what to call the tax increases, but regardless, they’re all talking about solving their problem by taking more of our money.  And the spending cut promises?  As Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush learned the hard way, the taxes go up, but the spending cuts seem to never happen.

And here we go again.  Yes, that sound you hear is the can being kicked down the road.  The politicians will spend the next three weeks posturing and posing and pounding their chests, and then go behind closed doors and cut a deal to once again avoid dealing with the disastrous debt problem.

You and I know that this is exactly what will happen, UNLESS enough voices are raised to say “STOP!”  Stop the games, stop the posturing, and stop the political denial.

I will be one of those voices.  And with your help, we will make them listen.  It would be easy to sit on the sidelines and let this game play out, but that simply isn’t in my nature.  The future of America, the survival of economic freedom, and the liberty that government is destroying are all too important.

We may not have won the election – thanks to the rigged game our two-party duopoly has created, but I would strongly maintain that we won on the issues. More than a million Americans stood up for real liberty, truly smaller government, and bold steps to actually solve the problems the politicians in Washington are today kicking down the road.

It is ironic, but after an election that obviously didn’t change anything, our message has never been more timely nor more important.

Image via Gary Johnson

Final Free And Equal Debate: Gary Johnson owns Jill Stein

From last night:

Could you imagine if Gary got to do this on a stage with Democrats and Republicans?

IVN on Gary Johnson

My buddy and IVN colleague, Wes Messamore, has a great piece up explaining why supporters of Ron Paul should cast their vote for the former two-term Nex Mexico Governor and libertarian presidential candidate:

If the percentages of Ron Paul write-ins in states nationwide are conspicuous enough, Paul supporters will be painted by their many critics in the mainstream media as sore losers and deluded followers in a cult of personality, not a serious political movement. Paul is out of the race and won’t be on the ballot. We didn’t win that battle. It’s time to move on.

And while the real-world results of writing in Ron Paul’s name could be bad for the liberty movement, the real-world results of voting for Gary Johnson could be good. Enough votes for Johnson nationwide could result in guaranteed federal matching funds for a 2016 presidential bid, hassle-free ballot access in all 50 states, and a better chance at getting the New Mexico governor on the presidential debate stage in 2016 where, if no better candidate is standing in as the Republican or Democratic Party nominee, Johnson’s alternative set of solutions for America’s challenges would finally get a televised hearing.

In my opinion, just putting Johnson on television with the nominees of the two largest parties would change the course of American history for the better and work to shake up the two party system by leaps and bounds.

Although I am philosophically a libertarian (with a lowercase “l”) I have never before in my life voted for a Libertarian Party candidate. But because of the reasons listed above, this independent, non-affiliated voter will be heeding Gary Johnson’s call this Tuesday to “Be Libertarian” with him for just one election.

Our IVN colleague Matt Metzner also has the first of a three part series on Gary up as well. It’s worth checking out!

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My IVN Interview With Judge Jim Gray

You know the drill by now – read it here. And just to wet your beak…

Craig SchlesingerAny reaction to the debates held by the Commission on Presidential Debates?

Judge Jim Gray: I’m not a conspiratorial minded person, but this literally is a conspiracy amongst the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Commission on Presidential Debates– which is entirely made up of high-ranking Republicans and Democrats– to keep any other voices out. So it’s deeply disturbing. Who wins? Republicans and Democrats. Who loses? Everybody else, particularly the voters. But we will pursue at least one, and probably two lawsuits after the election is over as a matter of public service just to expose what is really happening here. And I’m optimistic that, number one, people will be as outraged as we are, and number two, we’ll be able to change it and probably put in the criterion that any political party that is on enough ballots technically to win the presidency should have a seat at the table in these debates. And as I understand it, this time it would mean not only that the Libertarians would, but also the Green Party. And if that’s the case, we’ll go to bat for the Green Party. We believe in competition. But what is happening today is simply not what America stands for. We all know the most important competition in our country, really, is the competition to see who will become president, and it should be competitive and not frozen out to those two political parties.


Matt Zwolinski Is Wasting His Vote On Gary Johnson

Matt Zwolinski, philosopher at the University of San Diego and founder of the Bleeding Heart Libertarians, has a great piece up at The Daily Caller endorsing Gary Johnson:

Even though I’m paid to be a political philosopher, there are few things I dislike more than talking about American politics. When it’s not depressing, it’s infuriating. I’m angry about my president killing foreign and American people at his discretion; I’m angry that we continue to ruin young people’s lives, destroy communities, and spend billions of dollars fighting a war on drugs that can’t be won; I’m angry that our government subsidizes big banks, big agribusiness, and big pharmaceutical companies while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.

And I don’t like to be angry. Accordingly, I prefer to spend most of my time thinking about happier things: my family, my friends, my work. Even the new season of “Dexter” is cheery stuff by comparison.

So it takes a lot to get me to hold my nose and find my way to a polling booth. But this year, there’s someone running for president for whom I’m positively happy to vote: former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, who, after an abortive and little-noticed attempt to secure the Republican nomination, is now running as the candidate of the Libertarian Party. He’s the only person running for president who opposes bombing Iran; he’s the only candidate who supports marriage equality as a fundamental constitutional right; he’s the only candidate who supports the immediate repeal of the PATRIOT and National Defense Authorization Acts; and he’s the only candidate who’s serious about fighting crony capitalism. I’m also pretty sure he’s also the only candidate who’s crowd-surfed at a campaign-related event. That seems like it ought to be worth something.

Read Matt’s entire piece here.

Image via Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Wasting My Vote Never Felt So Good!

I can now officially say that I voted for the libertarian presidential ticket of Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray here in Nashville, TN. In the race for U.S. Senate, I voted to bounce Bob Corker (R) in favor of liberty candidate Dr. Shaun Crowell (I). There you have it!
Image via Gary Johnson 2012

Gary Johnson Sign Bomb Friday Night in East Nashville

In an email sent out yesterday, Gary Johnson’s campaign has decreed today (Wednesday) and Friday “Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day”:
“Gary Johnson supporters from coast to coast are invited to the Nationwide Gary Johnson Sign-Waving Day, on Wednesday, October 10th AND Friday, October 12th. Grab your Gary Johnson signs, find a busy street corner in your home town, and wave your support for Liberty!”

So in the spirit of this whole thing, I’m proposing a meet up Friday night in East Nashville by Five Points. There will be tons of people out and about. Let’s gather outside Bongo Java on 11th and Woodland at 9pm before we spread out around the points. I have some signs from when I was covering Gary’s campaign in Charlotte and Atlanta, but get creative if you want and make your own. Tell anyone you know that might be interested. Ron Paul shirts and/or signs are always welcome too!
We’ll be around a bunch of restaurants and bars so there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Or you can pre-game it and pick your poison. Either way, come hang in East Nashville and support liberty Friday night. Spread the word! Besides, do you really need an excuse to hang in East Nashville on a Friday night?

Image via Gary Johnson 2012

Gary Johnson to College Crowds: Waste your vote on me!

I recently caught up with Gov. Johnson once again, who is in the midst of a forty campus college tour. He is hitting up twenty campuses, with Vice Presidential nominee Judge Jim Gray visiting the other twenty. Gary wants you to “waste” your vote, and more specifically, on him. Check out my interview at the Independent Voter Network:

Craig Schlesinger: What are your impressions of the college tour thus far in terms of turnout, enthusiasm, and what kind of encouragement it gives you heading into the general election and for the future of the liberty movement?

Gary Johnson: The turnouts have been terrific. The enthusiasm, I don’t know how it could be any higher. So all the way across the board, thumbs up! It’s very heartening to be a part of this liberty and freedom movement. It’s growing, it’s not turning back, and all for the good.

Craig Schlesinger: What are the most frequently asked questions or concerns that are consistent from campus to campus?

Gary Johnson: Just that I’m not getting my fair shake, which is pointing out the obvious. “What can be done to increase that, what can we do to ensure you have a seat at the table?” [Laughs] Those are good issues to have out there because it shows the frustration that I think all of us have, and in the same breath– wow, this is getting noticed! So it’s all good. There’s still time, we’re still five weeks out, and anything can happen.

Craig Schlesinger: From your vantage point, what policy issues consistently draw the largest and loudest crowd reactions? Is it civil liberties, economic policy, domestic policy, foreign policy, or a mixed bag?

Gary Johnson: What I think is consistent, and this is just from my viewpoint, is it’s every single one of these issues, and when you lump it all together it’s pretty profound! I think that kids recognize it and if I could sum up an overall reaction, “Holy cow! I agree with everything you have to say!” I’ve never had that happen before! It’s just very heartening.

Read the entire thing here.

Image via Gary Johnson 2012

My IVN Interview With Gov. Gary Johnson

We discussed why the political and media establishment are afraid to include Gary in the national conversation, and there’s also some good Paul Ryan bashing too. Read it here.

Also today, philosopher Matt Zwolinski (University of San Diego) endorsed Gary on the amazing Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog he founded in March of 2011. Check it out here.

Our Gary Johnson archive.

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Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray Speak at PAUL Fest

Gary Johnson Carries Ron Paul’s Message into November

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is considered, even by his critics, one of the most consistent and outspoken advocates for personal liberty in the United States. Paul himself seems to acknowledge that his third and final presidential run will come to an end in August at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. However, Ron Paul’s delegates and supporters can still impact the RNC in a significant way, especially if their weathered determination and energy are any indication.

But Ron Paul’s “liberty movement” as well as independent voters fed up with the partisan duopoly now face a serious question heading into November. Who will represent Ron Paul’s platform and supporters in the general election? As it turns out, there is another credible, outspoken advocate for Ron Paul’s brand of politics in this year’s presidential election running with the opportunity to continue the political movement Ron Paul started.

His name is Gary Johnson, he is a former two-term Governor of New Mexico (1995-2003), and will be on the ballot in all 50 states as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President of the United States.

Even though Ron Paul’s supporters remain a minority, they arguably constitute the most vocal, enthusiastic grassroots movement in politics today. They’ve even demonstrated the ability to effectively dig deep into their own pockets and revolutionize the art of Internet fundraising with their notoriously successful Ron Paul “money bombs.” Capturing the support and activism of the Ron Paul movement going into November is exactly what Gov. Gary Johnson aims to do and needs in order to achieve success this fall. In fact, the odds are already strong that Paul’s base will be supporting Gov. Johnson over Gov. Romney and President Obama because Gary Johnson’s message so closely echos that of Ron Paul.

Their similarities are striking in that Gov. Johnson follows the same limited government approach as Congressman Paul. Speeches delivered by both Johnson and Paul attract similar crowds and appeal to a similar scene with a shared sentiment– a diverse assortment of voters of all political stripes representing various demographics, all excited to pursue their separate interests without interference from what they argue is an intrusive federal government. Clearly, Gary Johnson strives to carry on in Ron Paul’s footsteps, and when Paul retires from public service at the end of this year, Johnson’s profile as a spokesperson for the liberty movement will carry increased weight and significance.

While still at college in 1974, Gov. Johnson started a one-man handyman business and grew it to employ one thousand people– becoming the largest construction employer in New Mexico. He came from absolute political obscurity, ran for governor, won the Republican primary, and beat the Democratic incumbent in a state that favors Democrats 2-1 on a platform of bringing the citizens of New Mexico “a common sense business approach to public policy, issues first politics last.”

Gov. Johnson made a name for himself vetoing legislation– more than all other governors combined during his administration– and saying no to more government. Then, an even larger majority in a heavily Democratic state reelected him to a second term. It might fly in the face of logic, but I caught up with Gov. Johnson at a recent campaign event, and he has a hunch about his success and popularity in New Mexico:

“I really think it speaks volumes to the fact that people appreciate good stewardship of tax dollars . . . [and] less government taking time and money from our lives. People in New Mexico wave at me with all five fingers, not just one.”

Just like Ron Paul, monetary policy and the Federal Reserve are a central part of Gary Johnson’s platform and understanding of what’s wrong with the status quo. The New Mexico governor made it clear that, as President, if Congress sends a bill to his desk abolishing the Federal Reserve, then there’s at least one bill he won’t veto. Although he is skeptical of the willingness of Congress to do so, Gov. Johnson also favors an audit, transparency, and ending the perpetual cycle of accumulating debt through “borrowing and printing money to the tune of forty-three cents out of every dollar that we’re spending.” He’d also like to see sound, competing currencies, real market-based prices and interest rates, an end to bailouts and crony-capitalism, and a return to an actual free market economy.

But despite their resounding similarities, in the tradition of libertarians being staunch individualists, Johnson and Paul aren’t quite mirror images of each other. They do have a few differences. Unlike Paul, Johnson has executive experience vetoing legislation and easing cumbersome regulations, bringing New Mexico back from the brink of economic crisis and leaving office with a $1B surplus, though Paul’s legislative experience in the House does consist of countless, principled “No” votes when it comes to government waste or intrusion. Gov. Johnson speaks like a practical entrepreneur with sound leadership skills, and maintains that cost-benefit analyses of public policy prove limited government to be more effective. By contrast, Dr. Paul is a very committed educator, ideologue, economist, and intellectual with a robust, nuanced philosophy of government.

While some of Paul’s hard-line supporters are suspicious of Johnson as less ideologically pure than the Texas congressman, most of the debate is over mere semantics and syntax. Johnson, for instance, is more pragmatic in his approach, comes from the public choice school of economic thought, and employs a classical liberal consequentialist approach to policy, with Paul coming from the Austrian school of economics and utilizing libertarian “first-principle” arguments as a means of spreading liberty.

Johnson and Paul supporters can wax philosophical as to their various influences and approaches, but when you boil it down to the results, both candidates are aiming in the same direction. A Johnson Administration would focus on similar issues as a Paul Administration, and apply similar solutions: a more restrained and diplomatic foreign policy, a drive to reform the financial sector with more transparency and accountability, an emphasis on protecting civil liberties, and an urgent bid to contain the exploding costs of the regime in Washington.

With Gov. Gary Johnson accepting an invitation for a prime speaking slot at Paul Fest in Tampa this August, we may very well see an enthusiastic crowd ready for “the next Ron Paul” to stand up and the seize this libertarian moment.

Image via Gage Skidmore

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Get Gary In The Debates

It seems to me that ALL Americans will benefit from increased choice and competition in the marketplace of ideas this fall. In that context, there are several easy to sign petitions circulating online to help increase Gary Johnson’s national profile via the media:

Presidential Debates
Presidential Debates 2

More important, however, is frequently contacting polling organizations (politely) asking for Gary’s inclusion. If he’s not in the polls to begin with, he can’t qualify for the debates. It only takes about ten to fifteen minutes total to call every organization listed below. I’m sure we can all find the time once a day. Let your voice be heard in order for Gary’s to be heard. PPP and Zogby are already on board, so let’s convince these other duopoly-loving hacks:

Rasmussen: 732-776-9777
Gallup: 202-715-3100
Pew Research: 202-419-4350
Quinnipiac: 203-582-5201
CNN: 404.827.1500
Mason-Dixon: 202-548-2680
Marquette: 414-288-7445 or 608-263-2022
Survey USA: 800-786-8000

Check out Gary’s latest LIVE FREE campaign video:

Our complete Gary Johnson archive

Image via Gary Johnson 2012

Gov. Gary Johnson Speaks in North Carolina

Saturday morning in Huntersville, North Carolina, libertarian voters gathered for a “Liberty 5K Fun Run” fundraiser. Then during a packed lunch fundraiser at Fox and Hound in uptown Charlotte, Libertarian Party presidential candidate, Gary Johnson didn’t hesitate to distinguish himself from President Obama and Gov. Romney in an energetic campaign speech. North Carolina’s Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate, Barbara Howe was present throughout the day’s events.

Speaking to the attentive crowd, Johnson asserted that he will be the only candidate on the ballot that wants to end the wars and bring the troops home, reduce the US military footprint around the globe, employ a noninterventionist foreign policy, eliminate foreign aid, slash federal spending– including the big three: Medicare, Medicaid, and military/defense– and balance the federal budget in year one (entailing a $1.4T or 43% reduction), veto legislation when expenses exceed revenue, repeal the PATRIOT Act and NDAA, abolish the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, and the federal Department of Education, fight for marriage equality, and end the decades-long War on Drugs. Gov. Johnson’s economic plan should also appeal to Ron Paul supporters:

“I’m also the only candidate that’s advocating abolishing the IRS, the income tax and the corporate tax. I am advocating on the part of the Fair Tax […], which I think reboots the American economy. When it comes to American jobs, if the private sector doesn’t create tens of millions of jobs with a zero corporate tax rate environment, I don’t know what it’s going to take to create tens of millions of jobs in this country. I think manufacturing jobs will flock back to the United States. There is nothing in my resume to suggest that I am not going to doggedly pursue this agenda and that it won’t make a huge difference. If I’m in the national debates against Obama and Romney I think anything is possible.”

A resounding ovation followed his remarks, and the enthusiastic crowd proceeded to nearby Midtown Park for Gov. Johnson’s speech at the Conservatives Against Unconstitutional Wars rally. Complete with Goldwater-style conservative Republicans, libertarian Ron Paul supporters, and general antiwar protesters, Gov. Johnson delivered a passionate speech to a crowd of about two hundred. Johnson was visibly fired up with indignation at what he characterizes as politicians’ perpetual, cavalier practice of placing service men and women in harm’s way with little consideration of the unintended consequences:

Ron Paul supporters in attendance were very vocal of their support and determination to ensure Gov. Johnson gets a podium in the national debates. They also pledged their votes to him. “The message of liberty must carry on and be heard,” said one attendee, “Ron Paul supporters need to start contacting polling organizations now. Don’t wait until after Tampa. It only takes a few minutes, and I think we’re smart enough to multitask support for both Gary and Dr. Paul. But after Tampa we need to stay active and focus all of our efforts on supporting Gary Johnson.”

Johnson was quick to credit Paul’s accomplishments and underscore his own support of the Texas congressman:

“Ron Paul has made a huge contribution, bigger than anyone else regarding the liberty movement. I’ve seen Ron Paul supporters throughout the entire three years I’ve been doing this, and [today] isn’t something new. It’s been, ‘Hey if it’s not Ron Paul it will to be you,’ and that’s always been terrific. And I’d just like to reiterate that Ron Paul asked me for my endorsement in 2008 and I readily gave it. When I dropped out of the Republican primary I asked everyone that was going to vote for me to vote for him.”

Following the rally, the Raintree Country Club hosted a cocktail hour and dinner fundraiser. Once again Gov. Johnson delivered his message to a full room of inspired, excited supporters and left feeling energized and encouraged:

“The events here in Charlotte were just terrific. We raised a lot of money and there were a whole lot of people here with a whole lot of enthusiasm. I just think this is a portend for what is going to happen going forward. I’m not the third choice. I’m the only choice.”

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Gary Johnson: Elect One of Our Own

Gov. Johnson’s latest campaign ad:


Our complete Gary Johnson archive

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