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The Right Track

Here is a letter to the Miami Herald:

In Congress, the president and Libya,the Editorial Board’s analysis of Mr. Obama’s Libya policy is misguided at best. Suggesting he is “on the right track” with respect to military intervention and deference to NATO is absurd. The United States is the largest contributor (about 23%) to NATO’s military budget – almost as much as France (12.4%) and the UK (12%) combined. Military adventures in Libya are completely unwarranted absent any threat to the national security of the United States. Moreover, there exists a moral absolutist attitude from the Herald regarding “the correct decision to get involved rather than have the United States sit idly by” – ignoring nuance, and unintended consequences.

The exercise in Libya is a great example of the complexity and dangerous nature of this approach. The humanitarian crisis rhetoric is in no short supply here, nor is the notion that an exceptional America lives up to its responsibilities as the world’s protector. Were the president truly on the right path, he would uphold the constitution by consulting with congress rather than allowing their power to levy war be usurped by NATO, avoiding unnecessary military intervention altogether. On the right track indeed.

Craig D. Schlesinger


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