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>Here is a letter to the Miami Herald:

The June 23 Herald editorial, Pivotal decision on Afghanistan, applauds the president’s compromise to begin a painstakingly slow withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan while not risking the ten-year effort put forth thus far. But what exactly did we accomplish in the past ten years that remains so fragile? The editorial fails to explain what gains remain so tenuous. The sad truth is that Afghanistan remains a major narco-state rampant with corruption. No real terrorist threat remains in Afghanistan due to Al-Qaeda fighters fleeing to other countries such as Yemen. If the Afghan army is still not ready to defend their country after being trained for the past decade, then when? Problems in the face of an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan will be the same ten, twenty, and thirty years from now. Afghanistan is, and always was, a fragmented sectarian country with no legitimate prospects for a functionally stable central government. Now that Osama bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda members effectively uprooted, it’s time for the US to leave now.

Brad R Schlesinger

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