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Israel’s Shining Example


Here is a letter to the Palm Beach Post:

A June 23 commentary, Palestinians, in particular, have a lot to learn about democracy, suggests looking to “the sole existing democracy in the region, the state of Israel, for important guidance and lessons.” However, the assertion of Israel as a beacon of light in the region is convenient when ignoring reality. Under Netanyahu, the Israeli government aggressively expands settlements in the West Bank (in violation of international law), blocks humanitarian aid to Palestinians, claims the right to rule international waters, and needlessly kills in brutal military incursions. Furthermore, Israel imposes closed borders, regular curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, electric fences, and punitive taxes with no ability for Palestinian redress in Israeli courts. The UN Human Rights Commission determines Israel to be in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, guilty of war crimes, and crimes against humanity. For over six decades and counting, the Palestinians continue to live with no rights under Israeli rule – hardly a shining example of democracy.


Craig D. Schlesinger


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