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>No integrity in the death penalty

>Here is a letter to the Sun-Sentinel:

The June 28th editorial, Bolster integrity of death penalty process to maintain support, fails to understand that there is no integrity in capital punishment – the level of oversight from the Florida Commission on Capital Cases notwithstanding.
Not only does the death penalty fail to serve as a deterrent to violent crime, but the cost of executing prisoners far exceeds the cost of imposing life sentences. More importantly, those charged with implementing the death penalty – prosecutors, jurors, and commission members – are not omniscient beings, but people subject to the same fallacies as the rest of us.
Undoubtedly, the death penalty claimed innocent lives in the past and will surely do so in the future, regardless of whatever integrity is brought to the process. Does Florida want to claim the dubious mantle of the next state to execute an innocent person? Rather than continuing to give the state the power to kill its own citizens, let’s save some money, and lock ’em up for life.

Brad R. Schlesinger

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