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Eliminate Foreign Aid

Here is a letter to the Sun-Sentinel:

Regarding foreign aid, Guillermo I. Martinez is absolutely correct in asserting, “the United States pays outlandish amounts of monies and gets little in return” (Cutting foreign aid must be part of deficit reduction plan, July 28).  The notion of borrowing roughly forty cents out of every federal dollar and still sending hundreds of billions to foreign nation states is one of the most irresponsible policies perpetuated by the U.S. government – especially while running record deficits for the past decade and foreseeable future.

Altruistic intentions aside, the negative consequences of foreign aid are too severe to ignore.  Currently, we fuel both sides of a nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan, bankroll Israel, and subsidize brutal autocratic dictators in the Middle East.

Furthermore, military bases around the globe need to be phased out.  Our presence allows Europe, Japan, and South Korea to eschew burdensome military spending and places the onus of their defenses on us.  We also contribute roughly 23% of NATO’s military budget – as much as France and the UK combined.

The national interest in foreign aid is quite elusive, as we draw ire from one nation for sending money to another – literally a no-win situation.  If anything, it only serves to undermine U.S. foreign policy objectives while perpetuating our fiscal problems.  The only solution is to eliminate all foreign aid without prejudice.


Craig D. Schlesinger

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