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Fear-Mongering About Defense Spending Cuts

Here is a letter to the USA Today:

Amid the current debt crisis facing the country and the prospect of cutting defense spending as a part of a debt negotiation deal, Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) laments “[t]hose willing to consider this dangerous path. . . .” (Cut the debt, but don’t undercut our military, July 28).

However, cuts to defense budgets will only be dangerous if Congressman Forbes desires America to continue playing the role of world police, responsible for solving every problem, and to right every wrong occurring around the globe – regardless of US national security interests.  The truth of the matter is cuts to defense spending are long overdue.  Adjusting for inflation, US national security costs are the highest they’ve been since the close of World War II, while defense budgets increased every year since 1998.

Contrary to Congressman Forbes’ claims, it is possible to maintain a less costly military without jeopardizing national security.  In order to do so, we must resist the temptation to react militarily wherever trouble abounds.  In doing so, our allies will take greater responsibility for their own defense, hence limiting our involvement in overseas military adventures that cause more harm than good.  Our strategic defense should focus on circumstances genuinely threatening vital national security interests, rather than deploying our military for the sake of it.

Brad R. Schlesinger

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