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Hypocrisy of the UW-F

Here is a letter to the Sun-Sentinel:

The nonprofit United Waterfowlers-FL Inc. is concerned that wind turbines will lead to the plight of the waterfowl and other birds (Wind turbines can be deadly for birds, August 5); however, the advocacy group and its executive director, Newton E. Cook, support “public access to public lands for waterfowling” – also known as hunting.

In essence, the UW-F wants to save birds from death-by-turbine to better shoot them to death with shotguns.  Although it would be a tragedy to deprive these brave sportsmen of their hobby and passion, studies indicate only three birds are killed per turbine each year.  This is not exactly staggering data that arouses sympathy for Mr. Cook and the UW-F.  

Even though the UW-F is requesting a full scientific study to assess the potential exposure and impact on migrating waterfowl and other birds, they need to be sincere about their intentions.  Simply stating concerns that these turbines will interfere with the ability to go duck hunting is much more genuine and refreshingly honest than invoking science and insisting the turbine projects be rejected “unless data proves the birds will be safe,” so they can then be shot.  Pretending to care about bird safety in this context is downright comical.


Craig D. Schlesinger

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