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Pixiq Censors Carlos Miller’s Copulating Cop Story

Surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere nowadays.  Although it’s tempting to digress into a tangential rant about how this is a flagrant violation of our core rights and civil liberties, I’ll exercise some restraint.

My real purpose is to highlight an incident of censorship.  Carlos Miller, a photographer and journalist based in Miami, FL, was censored by his own employer, Pixiq.  Carlos confirmed this via his twitter feed and a brief e-mail exchange.

The following story was taken down from Pixiq; however, once a story hits my Google Reader, it stays.  Here is what was so censor-worthy:

Copulating Cop Caught On Camera

from Carlos Miller – Pixiq

Surveillance cameras are everywhere, which is why one New Mexico State police officer used poor judgment when he decided to have sex with a woman on the hood of a car in broad daylight.

The cop, who has not been identified, is in full uniform as he pounds away at the woman, who is spread eagle on the hood, legs wrapped around him and a pair of jeans dangling from her ankle.

A kitten appears to observing the couple as they get it on.

KOB-TV first reported the story more than a week ago after learning of the allegations, but it wasn’t until they filed a public records request with the sheriff’s office that they received the actual video.

And they were gracious enough to provide us with a still shot of the copulating couple.

State police have not commented, only saying the matter is under investigation, according to KOB-TV’s latest report.

Carlos just informed me that The Daily Censored is working on a story about this incident and it should be posted it soon.  I’ll have more once the story is published, plus we’re working on scheduling an interview.

UPDATE: Check out my interview with Carlos here.


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