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Obama Sends Troops, Further Expands U.S. Involvement in Uganda

In a letter sent to Congress a few days ago, President Obama announced that he was sending US troops to assist Uganda in eliminating Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army.  This action by Obama is authorized under the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act passed by Congress in 2009. Some of those supporting the decision argue that this initial mission presents no risk of escalation or descending into a prolonged predicament. However, as John Glaser points out over at Antiwar, “…this deployment itself is an expansion of US interventionism in Uganda. The US and Ugandan army have been increasingly close partners as the latter have been helping fight al Shabaab forces in Somalia for the former.” Glaser also notes the US recently sent Uganda a $45 million dollar package of military hardware. Despite the lack of concern for potential unintended consequences that may arise, Glaser indicates that, based on previous joint operations, supporters of this move should at least worry:

In 2009, when the US teamed up with the Ugandan army to coordinate a series of raids on LRA encampments – codenamed “Operation Lightning Thunder” –  it failed miserably and let LRA forces escape only to go on a killing spree in surrounding areas, resulting in somewhere between 600-900 slaughtered and many more raped and maimed.  Ivan Eland has compared this to “needlessly poking a hornet’s nest.”

Image via Moral Low Ground

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