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Miami Beach Cop Tells Me to “Stop Videotaping” Crime Scene

Police began closing off streets on Miami Beach this afternoon in an effort to apprehend a suspect involved in a shooting. Apparently, the cops shot at him, missed, and the suspect ran off. Eventually they nabbed him, but I grabbed my iPhone and started recording.

While trying to gather some information, I asked an officer what was going on. He simply said, “I can’t talk about it. Stop videotaping and go inside.” I guess the cop didn’t get the memo about dealing with citizens who record them in public. After a few minutes, I made it back outside through another door and started recording again. None of the other officers on the scene seemed to mind one bit, and there were plenty of them.

As an avid reader of Carlos Miller’s Photography is Not a Crime, I contacted him immediately and sent him the video of my encounter with the cop. Check out his post about the incident, as well as the video :

If you aren’t familiar with Carlos Miller or his work, I highly recommend reading PINAC on a regular basis, where the oftentimes dangerous intersection of private citizens with cameras and law enforcement officers is ever present. Read more about Carlos in an interview I did with him here.


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