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Open Letter to CNBC: Include Gov. Gary Johnson in Wednesday’s Debate

If you’re still sick of the establishment press picking winners and losers in the political process instead of the voters, please email the letter below to customercare@support.cnbc.com and CNBC Executive Producer Alex Crippen at alex.crippen@nbcuni.com to let them know that Gary Johnson deserves to be in their debate. Be sure to replace my name with yours!

Dear Mr. Crippen,

Your network is perpetuating a policy of arbitrary unfairness towards Gov. Gary Johnson. The supposed requirements for the upcoming CNBC debate in Michigan are that a candidate has formally announced and achieved 3% in a recognized national poll. Johnson has done both – he formally declared his candidacy in April and registered 3% in a May Gallup poll – and yet he received no invite. Gov. Johnson’s arbitrary exclusion needs to end so the people can select the next GOP nominee, not the media.

As a successful two-term Republican Governor of New Mexico, a border state that favors Democrats by a 2-1 margin, Gary Johnson is more than qualified for the debate stage and the White House. He is running on a platform of bringing a common sense business approach to government, including balancing the federal budget. Moreover, his record of cutting government spending and creating an environment that fostered job growth is unrivalled. Why should his message not be heard?

Fairness demands Gary Johnson be on stage Wednesday night. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Craig D. Schlesinger

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