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Occupy Protestors Zoom In On Police Brutality

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of OWS and its progeny (I’m agnostic), Carlos Miller captures an extremely salient, yet often ignored point regarding instances of police brutality against non-violent protestors:

In a week that produced several “iconic” images from Occupy protests throughout the country, the above photo is easily the most iconic and not just because of the blatant way the cop is pepper spraying the non-resistant students.

But because of the number of cameras capturing the incident that took place on Friday at the University of California, Davis.

I counted at least 15 cameras, not including the one held by Louise Macabitas who captured the image.


Perhaps the above image might not go down as the most iconic, simply because there were so many other cameras, including video and still, that captured the same incident.

But to me, that is what makes it the most iconic. The fact that for every pepper spray canister they have, we have at least ten cameras.

Image via Pixiq

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