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Subsidizing the Solar Industry

Back when the Solyndra scandal broke, it thankfully shed some much needed light on the role of government handouts and subsidies in propping up the solar and other green energy industries. As it turns out, it’s quite a large and rather pervasive one – so much so that even the New York Times makes a solid  case against them. The Goldwater Institute’s Clint Bolick explains:

Solar may be the most-subsidized industry in American history. Not only are producers subsidized at the federal, state, and sometimes even local levels, but consumers are subsidized to purchase solar panels, utility companies are forced to use and further subsidize solar power, and higher utility rates are passed along to Americans amidst deep recession.

Arizona is immersed in solar subsidies, providing tax breaks and (through the Corporation Commission) mandating that 15 percent of all utility energy be provided through specified renewable sources. Cost and technological feasibility are no object, and every dollar in added costs is passed along to consumers through a utility surcharge.

If the New York Times gets it, shouldn’t sensible, self-styled conservative elected officials? It’s time for government to stop playing Santa Claus to this pampered industry.

Image via Politico

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