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Liberty on the Rocks in Nashville

If you’re looking to unite with liberty minded individuals in Nashville while enjoying a few adult beverages in the process, Liberty on the Rocks (LOTR) might be your ticket.

A non-partisan, non-profit, social and educational organization, LOTR promotes “activism, education and encouragement to those who aspire to gain freedom in America” and is “committed to furthering the study and discussion of America’s founding principles by raising awareness through communication and action.”

“A splendid mix of grass roots activism, libations, and good conversation,” this month’s LOTR meet up is April 19th at Mafiaoza’s – in the spirit of “tavern style politics.”

So if you’re a concerned citizen wanting to limit the size and scope of government, protect civil and economic liberties, and get a bit saucy in the process, join Liberty on the Rocks for a meeting of slightly inebriated minds. Chat about furthering the great cause of liberty, and try not to slur your speech too much. After all, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with alcoholic beverages (all apologies to Thomas Jefferson):

The purpose of Liberty on the Rocks is to gather liberty-loving individuals of all political parties in the pubs, bars and restaurants of America to keep the conversation going. Meetings are suitable for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Come enjoy great discussion with others who endeavor to limit the reach of government into our personal lives and further the cause of liberty.

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