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Newark Mayor Cory Booker Sounds Off on the War on Drugs

During a chat on Reddit, Booker launched into a screed against the drug war, calling it “big overgrown government at its worst.” Here’s more from the Huffington Post:

“The so called War on Drugs has not succeeded in making significant reductions in drug use, drug arrests or violence,” the Democrat wrote during the Reddit “ask me anything” chat. “We are pouring huge amounts of our public resources into this current effort that are bleeding our public treasury and unnecessarily undermining human potential.”

Booker then called drug arrests a “game.”

“My police in Newark are involved in an almost ridiculous game of arresting the same people over and over again and when you talk to these men they have little belief that there is help or hope for them to break out of this cycle,” he wrote.

Booker has said he supports medical marijuana, tweeting in May that “NJ should do more to make it real for those who need it.”

Booker also used the Reddit discussion to outline programs he has implemented to lower drug arrests: reentry, court reform, jobs, treatment and legal aid.

Indeed. Booker almost sounds like a libertarian in his criticisms of the War on Drugs. Now if only he’d make real news by coming out in support of marijuana legalization…

Image via Gawker

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