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Erik Loomis: Controversial Leftist, Highly Confused, or Just Plain Ignorant?

Simple EconomicsOver at Lawyers, Guns & Money, Erik Loomis identifies ten positions that he feels are “controversial and pretty ‘left’.” Drink it up, but be sure to have a barf bag handy:

1. Make recognition of the state of Israel dependent on moving the boundaries back to the 1967 lines and destroying the settlements.
2. Repeal the 2nd Amendment
3. A constitutional amendment to guarantee employment
4. A constitutional amendment to guarantee collective bargaining
5. Extend the most vigorous provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to the entire nation
6. A government ban on the harvesting of most fish with vigorous regulations and punishment provisions for violators
7. An 100% estate tax. You die, the government takes it all.
8. Pricing based upon percentage of income. You go to the gas pump–the price of gas is based upon last year’s income that would be encoded on a card you have to show.
9. U.S. companies can move overseas if they want–but the U.S. minimum wage applies to those workers. Also to contracted suppliers.
10. A constitutional guarantee to terminate a pregnancy, no questions asked.

I don’t really talk about these things much. Why? They are irrelevant. They are so far out of what is possible that why bother. Do they make me more of a leftist? Who cares.

Simply stated, these positions don’t make you a leftist. No, no. They mean you don’t understand (or merely choose to ignore) economics, willfully oppose public choice, and care not a lick for markets, property rights, the right to self-defense, freedom to contract, and individuality in any sense.

[hat tip: Brad Schlesinger]

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  1. ken
    December 17, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    I would file his blogpost in with the very popular False
    Dichotomy category. Sticking with Left vs. Right just breaks down
    all the time, for the reason’s Craig points out and then more. At
    the same time the Left – Right scale perpetuates a mindset that
    there are really only two sides. So I must post the obligatory
    multi-dimentional political chart
    And remember, the better two element system to use is Tyranny
    Liberty instead of Left Right.


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