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Sandra Sanchez on Why Choice Matters for Women

You’ve read Sandra’s Thoughts on Liberty, now hear/see her speak on why choice matters for women! This past Saturday, Sandra was one of the featured speakers on behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice at the Women Matter Rally in Richmond, VA. Here is the video with a transcript below (starting at 22:40):

I’m pro-choice because I don’t know what’s best for you and I shouldn’t pretend that I know what’s best for you. Choice matters because people should be able to freely make choices for themselves. Laws such as Mandatory ultrasound, biased counseling, a 24-hour waiting period – these all make me think that Virginia doesn’t trust me as a woman. But our government needs to trust women. The government needs to trust women to make their own decisions. We’re more than capable and are the most fitting to make decisions for ourselves. Choice is so important so that women can decide what’s best for them. 

Access matters because that’s the only way we can freely make choices. The recent approval of TRAP was devastating and enraging. The Board of Health, that is supposed to take care of those in the Commonwealth, decided to ignore them. They decided to ignore the health and safety of the women of Virginia. They buckled to the political pressure of Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli without even realizing the devastating consequences of their decision. 

Since our current government couldn’t trust us and our clinics, we need to do our part. This November we all need to go vote. This will be my first time voting in a gubernatorial race and you bet I won’t forget everything Cuccinelli has said and done. And I remind you to do the same and to remind all those around you how extreme Cuccinelli is for Virginia. 

Look Virginia, I get it you’re on a crusade to end abortion in the Commonwealth. But placing burdensome, politically-motivated, and unnecessary regulations on abortion clinics won’t make women not have abortions; it’ll just make it less safe for them. And arguing that TRAP helps women’s health is so offensive. If you really wanted to make sure women were safe and healthy, you wouldn’t take away access to a safe, legal medical procedure. Access matters because if there’s no access, there’s no choice. If there’s no choice there’s no freedom.

To quote Sandra’s fellow Thoughts on Liberty accomplice Cathy Reisenwitz, “She’s the future of libertarian feminism.” Indeed she is.

We here at Spatial Orientation are thrilled to see libertarian feminists like Cathy and Sandra occupying a once vacant space in the liberty movement — as well as putting feminism in its natural place, amongst fellow liberty lovers! Here’s to hoping more young (hell, even old) women (and men!) are inspired by their efforts, advocacy, and activism.

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