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Lazy Sunday: Still Sitting There With Your Legs Crossed

Time for another installment of “this doesn’t have anything to do with anything” music – except that I love it.

In 2009, Jimmy Eat World embarked on a limited ten city tour in honor of the ten year anniversary of the release of their timeless album Clarity. You know, the album that famously got them kicked off Capitol Records before they went DYI, raised money themselves touring through Europe, recorded what became their Bleed American album, got picked up by Dreamworks, and became one of the biggest bands in the world. Well played, Capitol!

The tour culminated in March in their hometown of Phoenix, AZ with another one of my favorite bands, No Knife, doing the opening honors. After playing the entire Clarity album from front to back, Jimmy Eat World came back out for a six song encore. They kicked it off with one of my absolute favorites, an albumless tune called “What I Would Say To You Now”.

They even released a digital recording of the Phoenix show, and wouldn’t you know it, I was actually at that very show! Talk about an incredible birthday present! Hope you enjoy (begins at 59:25):

You’re still sitting there with your legs crossed
And not paying attention to me
But if we talk, just curious
Would this end up like it always does?
It’s all the wrong I’ve done
All the wrong I’ll do
Keeps me from trying
It keeps me quiet
Throw out your arms to each side
Cuz it’s easier to let things go
When we talk think what we say
It’s questons then silence and
In silence we remain
It’s all the wrong I’ve done
All the wrong I’ll do
It keeps me from trying
Keeps me from calling you
Something I just found out
Something you know by now
Hope makes you so strong
Strength keeps you alone, far away
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