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Like your health plan? Go fuck yourself!

Inspector GadgetIf you’re like me and don’t rely on the employer mandated monopoly route of obtaining health insurance, perhaps you’ve had a similar experience.

This morning I received an email from my current insurance provider, BCBS of Tennessee, to inform me that my policy will be discontinued as of July 31, 2015. Since I set up recurring payments through my online bill pay, I must admit to being a bit puzzled by the email. When I called to inquire further into the matter, a representative informed me that my policy isn’t approved by ObamaCare.

Whatever happened to all of that rhetorical bullshit about getting to keep your plan if you’re happy with it?!?

Now just to be clear, I’m not “happy” with my plan. However, I wasn’t looking to change it either. For lack of a better way of putting it, I was content to keep my plan because my options are limited within this cartelized corporate oligopoly called the insurance industry. So are yours. Thanks to ObamaCare, now it’s even worse.

If anybody thinks that this law does anything to improve access to and quality of health care, you have your head buried in the sand… or up the ass of some politician(s). I’m no fan of the health care law for obvious reasons. So in lieu of today’s events I wanted to share my ObamaCare rant from almost three years ago, because I’m just worn the fuck out over here:

My thoughts on health care, and the PPACA (aka ObamaCare) in particular, are that the bill does nothing to bust up the already existing health insurance monopolies – regional and otherwise – that predated the bill. Quite the opposite. In fact, it protects the health insurance companies by guaranteeing them 300+ million customers in perpetuity. In other words, their incentive to lower costs is almost nonexistent. If we got back to an actual market for health care (not insurance, insurance is the driving factor that keeps costs up) then we would actually know what things truly cost. Health care is the only good/service that we don’t even shop around for.

Imagine a market solution where we can completely blow the lid off of supply. So states like Mississippi that have only one or two insurance providers now have to deal with an influx of competition. Instead of waiting on infinitely long lines, imagine walking into Kidneys-R-Us to get your organ and transplant at a fraction of the cost. Plus, markets would eliminate the need for insurance coverage for routine checkups such as annual physical, dental cleaning, eye exam, dermatologist exam, etc. Insurance will only come into play for catastrophic coverage or preexisting conditions – which will all be much easier to afford when costs drop dramatically as a result of getting health care back to Doctor-patient relationships and a pay-as-you-go model. If you actually have to pay directly for your health care, the inflated coasts will come down instantly. The well-intended regulations and laws only serve to create bubbles in health care pricing. As far as tax exemptions and credits go, this just proves the crony nature of ObamaCare and the perverse incentives it offers.

Every reasonable person can agree that all should have access to quality, affordable health care (care, not insurance). But this individual mandate approach, originally a conservative plot conceived by the American Enterprise Institute to battle HillaryCare, currently being embraced by the progressives and high liberals is somewhat ironic. No public option. Massive corporatist giveaway to large incumbent insurance companies that effectively eliminated their competition and incentives to compete and lower costs. Sounds pretty perverse. Let’s at least get back to a free, voluntary exchange and actually let markets work for a change. If we don’t try to control and steer them, they won’t go haywire. But if it’s still a messed up system, reform will be much easier then what is currently going on with health care legislation… polishing a turd!


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