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Celebrating 20 Years of Superdrag’s “Regretfully Yours”

Superdrag 96.jpgTwenty years ago today the Knoxville, TN based rock outfit Superdrag released their debut full-length album Regretfully Yours on Elektra Records. This is just one of many classic albums to come to market in 1996. Superdrag was known for churning out infectious, melodic vocals and crunchy guitars.

Sucked Out” is the album’s undisputed hit single, but I find the opening salvo “Slot Machine” (which actually transitions seamlessly into the second track “Pahser”) to be pure brilliance. The song begins with a vamp on a D chord, or a variation of voicings of a D chord, and it’s got you hooked already. There’s very few lyrics but, the vocal melody is extremely catchy. Lots of raw, powerful, in your face rocknroll follows. In fact, these are the only lyrics and they are not repeated:

I don’t know what I’m to say / You can’t hear me anyway / And does it really even matter if we play? / Hey, hey, hey / I don’t know what I’m to do / To get those pleasantries from you / But if you’ll be my Princess Leia, that’s okay / That’s okayeee

What a way to introduce Superdrag to the mainstream commercial audience. It’s like a freight train of energy and you instantly felt the force that was Superdrag — those powerful, crunchy guitars and infectious melodies.

The band went on to release three more albums before disbanding in the mid 2000’s, none of which enjoyed as much commercial success as Regretfully Yours. But I don’t pay too much attention to that sort of thing. I remained a fain. I mean, how could you not “Do The Vampire?”

In the fall of 2007 the orginal lineup got back together for a reuinion tour. Needless to say, the show I caught was obviously amazing. I flew up to New York City to meet up with my former road brother from t h e REMEDY SESSION (Redemption Records), Chris Polito. The Sesh always had lots of Superdrag thumping in the tour van. Actually, the band got to play the NEMO Fest in Boston in 2003 with Superdrag!*

Superdrag released a reunion album in 2009 titled Industry Giants. One of the deep cuts on the record “Aspartame” is everything good art should be, as well as its music video.

So congratulations to Superdrag on twenty years of Regretfully Yours!

Regretfully Yours

*I was not an original member of tRS and was not the bassist in the 2003. The original bassist, and one of my oldest and greatest friends, Lori Marsh was still with the band. I took over in the fall of 2004 thru 2006. Now ten years later the Sesh is back and so is Lori… lookout Nashville!

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