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You Should Wear a Clown’s Hat

court-jesterReason’s own human dumpster fire, Robby Soave, is at it again following another Milo Yiannopoulos college campus event cancellation behind mass protests.

It remains the case that the students who shut down Yiannopoulos at campus after campus are playing directly into his hands. By proving him right about the college left’s intolerance, students ensure that Yiannopoulos will be able to continue promoting his agenda and claiming the mantle of free speech martyr. He will arrange more speaking tours, make more media appearances, and sell more books. The outrage that follows hin wherever he goes is beneficial to him.

Liberal students should try a different tactic: silence, rather than silencing. Yiannopoulos believes that all publicity is good publicity, and craves the attention. Don’t give it to him. If you hate him, just ignore him.

Before I weigh in I want to offer up some background. It seems that Soave, who I refer to as Rand McPherson, is more concerned with self aggrandizing behavior (which seems to be an epidemic at Reason) and pinging the alt-right instead of the “just the facts writer guy” he claims to be. Jacob Levy captures this pretty well:

Soave is a fixture on the “political correctness” beat and his post-election commentary openly acknowledges that its purpose was to tell us that he told us so.

As does Kevin Carson:

And at Reason, human dumpster fire Robby Soave — whose shtik seems to be retyping old Reed Irvine and Dinesh D’Souza screeds with his name on them — literally lays the blame for Trump at the feet of campus speech codes, trigger warnings and safe spaces. (No, if anything defeated Clinton it was stay-at-home Democratic voters disgusted by a Democratic Party that embraced way too many of the same neoliberal — not genuinely libertarian — economic policies favored by Reason.)

Robby Soave writes as if the protesters at UC-Davis and elsewhere don’t have their own rights to free speech and assembly – as well as civil disobedience – to protest and shut down hate filled displays like a Milo Yianopoulos event, or that their better tactic would be silence over silencing Milo. You know, just let the hate flow completely unchecked.

Contrary to the accusatory whining from conservative corners that would liken campus activists with fascist foot soldiers, the protest yielded zero property damage and one minor arrest for resisting a peace officer. One photojournalist apparently got doused with some coffee, though. The horror!

Moreover, Soave somehow thinks the protesters are sustaining Milo as opposed to the conservative groups that constantly invite him to make appearances and Soave’s own “journalism,” which acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. His reflexive acrimony towards “the left” or “liberals” or “SJWs” (or anything not sympathetic to right wing dogma) blinds him to the fact that nobody is silencing poor, marginalized Milo. Remember, this is the same Milo who is an editor at the self professed alt-right platform and just landed a Simon & Shuster book deal with a $250,000 advance to further peddle his hateful bullshit.

But yes, Robby, a bunch of liberal activist college student protesters are absolutely silencing him and sending this would be martyr of free speech along the path of sainthood. You should wear a clown’s hat.

  1. January 16, 2017 at 12:24 am

    as if right on cue, robby soave reveals himself to be the clown that he is in this fb thread, courtesy of one of my favorite shit starters, cathy reisenwitz:


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