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Gary Johnson on Radar vs Wolf

February 12, 2014 1 comment

So yeah, this just happened on the Twitter:

…I play bass and sing background vocals in RvW.


Gary Johnson on Obama’s 2nd Amendment Assault

January 21, 2013 4 comments

gary-johnson-19885Last week Gary Johnson sounded off against the President’s attempts to circumvent the 2nd Amendment via executive order:

In the wake of the attacks on America on 9/11/2001, the federal government’s response was, in part, the greatest assault on individual liberties and privacy on a generation. The result was the Patriot Act, unprecedented monitoring of our personal lives, indefinite detentions and the compilation of government databases that threaten our freedom in truly disturbing ways.

Now, in the wake of Newtown and other tragic criminal acts, President Obama is again reacting by trying to make government bigger and freedom smaller. Issuing a raft of Executive Orders, attempting to legislate around the 2nd Amendment, and proposing new and more intrusive ways to track us in our daily lives will not make us — or our kids — safer. It will only make us less free.

Restricting the rights of free and law-abiding Americans is not a solution to anything, and only makes government and its force more powerful.

Our Gary Johnson archive

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Outkast’s Big Boi: “Bitch I Voted for Gary Johnson”

Gary JohnsonThe hat tip on this gem goes to Reason’s Ed Krayewski:

The setup: New York City’s Hot 97 has a segment called “Everyday Racism” where different guests recount an experience of racism in their every day lives. The rapper Big Boi (one half of the Outkast duo) was on the show last month, and explained how a white woman came up to him at the airport the day after the election and said “congratulations on your win last night,” to which the rapper responded “bitch I voted for Gary Johnson.”

Spatial Orientation on Gary Johnson here

UPDATE: Big Boi appeared on HuffPost Live on Jan 11 and confirmed that he did indeed vote for Gary Johnson after saying he “could neither confirm nor deny it” on NYC’s Hot 97 segment above.

Final Free And Equal Debate: Gary Johnson owns Jill Stein

From last night:

Could you imagine if Gary got to do this on a stage with Democrats and Republicans?

IVN on Gary Johnson

My buddy and IVN colleague, Wes Messamore, has a great piece up explaining why supporters of Ron Paul should cast their vote for the former two-term Nex Mexico Governor and libertarian presidential candidate:

If the percentages of Ron Paul write-ins in states nationwide are conspicuous enough, Paul supporters will be painted by their many critics in the mainstream media as sore losers and deluded followers in a cult of personality, not a serious political movement. Paul is out of the race and won’t be on the ballot. We didn’t win that battle. It’s time to move on.

And while the real-world results of writing in Ron Paul’s name could be bad for the liberty movement, the real-world results of voting for Gary Johnson could be good. Enough votes for Johnson nationwide could result in guaranteed federal matching funds for a 2016 presidential bid, hassle-free ballot access in all 50 states, and a better chance at getting the New Mexico governor on the presidential debate stage in 2016 where, if no better candidate is standing in as the Republican or Democratic Party nominee, Johnson’s alternative set of solutions for America’s challenges would finally get a televised hearing.

In my opinion, just putting Johnson on television with the nominees of the two largest parties would change the course of American history for the better and work to shake up the two party system by leaps and bounds.

Although I am philosophically a libertarian (with a lowercase “l”) I have never before in my life voted for a Libertarian Party candidate. But because of the reasons listed above, this independent, non-affiliated voter will be heeding Gary Johnson’s call this Tuesday to “Be Libertarian” with him for just one election.

Our IVN colleague Matt Metzner also has the first of a three part series on Gary up as well. It’s worth checking out!

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My IVN Interview With Judge Jim Gray

You know the drill by now – read it here. And just to wet your beak…

Craig SchlesingerAny reaction to the debates held by the Commission on Presidential Debates?

Judge Jim Gray: I’m not a conspiratorial minded person, but this literally is a conspiracy amongst the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Commission on Presidential Debates– which is entirely made up of high-ranking Republicans and Democrats– to keep any other voices out. So it’s deeply disturbing. Who wins? Republicans and Democrats. Who loses? Everybody else, particularly the voters. But we will pursue at least one, and probably two lawsuits after the election is over as a matter of public service just to expose what is really happening here. And I’m optimistic that, number one, people will be as outraged as we are, and number two, we’ll be able to change it and probably put in the criterion that any political party that is on enough ballots technically to win the presidency should have a seat at the table in these debates. And as I understand it, this time it would mean not only that the Libertarians would, but also the Green Party. And if that’s the case, we’ll go to bat for the Green Party. We believe in competition. But what is happening today is simply not what America stands for. We all know the most important competition in our country, really, is the competition to see who will become president, and it should be competitive and not frozen out to those two political parties.


Matt Zwolinski Is Wasting His Vote On Gary Johnson

Matt Zwolinski, philosopher at the University of San Diego and founder of the Bleeding Heart Libertarians, has a great piece up at The Daily Caller endorsing Gary Johnson:

Even though I’m paid to be a political philosopher, there are few things I dislike more than talking about American politics. When it’s not depressing, it’s infuriating. I’m angry about my president killing foreign and American people at his discretion; I’m angry that we continue to ruin young people’s lives, destroy communities, and spend billions of dollars fighting a war on drugs that can’t be won; I’m angry that our government subsidizes big banks, big agribusiness, and big pharmaceutical companies while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.

And I don’t like to be angry. Accordingly, I prefer to spend most of my time thinking about happier things: my family, my friends, my work. Even the new season of “Dexter” is cheery stuff by comparison.

So it takes a lot to get me to hold my nose and find my way to a polling booth. But this year, there’s someone running for president for whom I’m positively happy to vote: former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, who, after an abortive and little-noticed attempt to secure the Republican nomination, is now running as the candidate of the Libertarian Party. He’s the only person running for president who opposes bombing Iran; he’s the only candidate who supports marriage equality as a fundamental constitutional right; he’s the only candidate who supports the immediate repeal of the PATRIOT and National Defense Authorization Acts; and he’s the only candidate who’s serious about fighting crony capitalism. I’m also pretty sure he’s also the only candidate who’s crowd-surfed at a campaign-related event. That seems like it ought to be worth something.

Read Matt’s entire piece here.

Image via Bleeding Heart Libertarians

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